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Links, URIs, etc
« on: January 29, 2018, 01:32:47 am »
I've been using IntelliJ lately - the team I'm on is using it and it has great maven and gradle support that Slick does not have.

A feature that I've come to like is Ctrl+Click on a name doing roughly what push-tag does in Slick.
It also does more intelligent linking in other ways, and a few cases in Slick came up that made this more apparent.

#1: Instead of telling me where an option is, provide a clickable link to get there.
For example, I was getting errors from Slick about DTDs in an XML file. Slick dumps the error text to the output window, including
Use the URL Mappings dialog ("Tools","Options","URL Mappings...") to correct your URL mappings

Now, this would be a perfect place to put a hyper link -- click on the error and it should take you directly to the correct location in Options.

#2: Provide a more flexible system of links than the current URL mapping and URI Schemes.
Example: Often in comments in code there are references to JIRA items. Usually in a form like "JIRA-9354".
I should be able to create a URI scheme to recognize that and translate it to an HTTP link to open a browser to JIRA.

Currently Slick re-recognizes URLs and underlines them. This, presumably, takes some time, and adding more complex user defined URIs can potentially makes this a lot worse.

But Slick doesn't necessarily have to do this for extended URI schemes. Slick doesn't have to recognize it as a link until the mouse hovers over it, possibly with Ctrl also pressed - then it just has to try matching against the text near the mouse, not the entire file, or even the entire visible page.