Author Topic: Trying to beautify TSQL  (Read 558 times)


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Trying to beautify TSQL
« on: February 21, 2018, 09:19:09 pm »
I know that beautify of SQL is not supported (Been asked for many times), but I wonder if perhaps some segment of beautify can be implemented.  I'm specifically looking to take a selection of lines and format them such that I can use Column Cut/Paste on the selection.


        [INST] [int] NOT NULL,
        [CUST_NO] [bigint] NOT NULL,
        [EMAIL_ADDR] [varchar](255) NOT NULL,
        [EMAIL_TYPE] [varchar](255) NULL,
        [STATUS] [int] NULL,
        [SRCE] [varchar](255) NULL,
        [LAST_USE] [bigint] NULL,
        [LAST_UPDT] [bigint] NULL,

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[XTemp](
        [INST]                          [int]                     NOT     NULL,
        [CUST_NO]                   [bigint]                 NOT     NULL,
        [EMAIL_ADDR]              [varchar](255)      NOT     NULL,
        [EMAIL_TYPE]               [varchar](255)                  NULL,
        [STATUS]                     [int]                                 NULL,
        [SRCE]                         [varchar](255)                  NULL,
        [LAST_USE]                  [bigint]                             NULL,
        [LAST_UPDT]                [bigint]                             NULL,

Anyone have any thoughts or Macros that will get me close to this ?


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Re: Trying to beautify TSQL
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2018, 06:09:11 am »
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