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Double click a word does nothing. Should highlight the word.

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This used to work, but hasn't for about 2 years now.
When I double click any word, I want that word highlighted.  SlickEdit does nothing.  When I change to another application, it works.  Any ideas?  I've searched all preferences and can't find anything.


What platform are you running on?

SlickEdit Core v4.3.2 for Eclipse
Library Version: 32-bit

Eclipse Standard/SDK
Version: Kepler Service Release 2

How about OS version?   Are you saying the selection doesn't show until you task switch and switch back to Eclipse?

Windows 7 Enterprise - Service Pack 1 - 64 bit

When I double click on any word, in any file in Eclipse with Slick Edit, that word does not highlight.  (i.e. I can't cut, or copy it without dragging my mouse from beginning to end of that word)  Every other application that I have highlights the word when I double click it.  It used to work in eclipse, but I think I updated the product once and it quit working.

(The word that I click is never selected using double click.  I have to select it by dragging the mouse over it)


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