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Multi-domain tagging and symbol resolution
« on: March 05, 2018, 06:20:48 pm »
The "Find symbol" using context tagging is currently limited to the class of symbols that seemingly apply to the currently selected file.  For example, if the currently selected file is a javascript, I cannot look for symbol in a java file which is also part of my project.  I don't want to switch away from context based search, the alternative would be a exhaustive file-by-file grep.

I am proposing to support a project-based inter-domain search algorithm to accommodate your typical web programmer usage patterns.  The accompanying screen shot illustrates such an example, where a template HTML page contains references to a javascript, a I18 resource bundle reference, and a backing bean java class.  All these references should be resolvable, and right-clicking them should take you to their definitions. It would also solve the issue not finding a symbol in "Find symbol" just because the currently selected (arbitrary) file is in a different tagging context. This should be looked at from a project perspective.