Author Topic: Option to put configurations of all projects in active config dropdown  (Read 545 times)


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I have a workspace with 5 projects. Each project has a few build configurations. I have added the dropdown to choose active project to my toolbar. When I want to do a build in one of those projects, I have to change the active project first in order to change the list in this dropdown, as the dropdown only shows the configurations in the active project. I often switch between the projects, as one project is to build my product and another project is to run the test (I run the test like a build). So it is extra clicks for me now to constantly change the active project first before choosing the active configuration.

So I would like an option to list all of the configurations for all projects in this dropdown (and perhaps prefix project name before the config). This way I can avoid to extra clicks to choose the active project.

Bonus feature would be another option such that as soon as I choose a config from the dropdown, it automatically runs my build instead of me need to do another click on the toolbar to start the build.
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