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Patch 11.0.1 problem: tag file uslickc.tag not found.


I'm seeing this message:
  Tag file '/path/to/home/.slickedit/11.0.1/tagfiles/uslickc.vtg' not

The above will be output twice each time I start VSt.  Two clicks on the "Ok" and I'm back to the main window.

I've tried:
  - Removing my .slickedit/11.0.1 directory and rerunning slickedit to let it recreate it from the old .slickedit/11.0.0 directory
  - Tools->Tag files .. and deleting the "Slick-C" Tag Files reference

Neither makes any difference .. the message always comes back.

The file *does* exist under the 11.0.0/tagfiles directory.  Perhaps I should just copy it over.

openSUSE Linux 10.1 btw

Here is a quick workaround for your 11.0.1.

Go to Tools > Tag Files..., select "Slick-C Tag Files", you should see uslickc.vtg there, probably with a gray icon (because the file is missing).  Click on "Remove Tag File".  That should take care of it.


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