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Hang searching for beautifier rule


I have used v23 during European morning, and it feels much slicker editing C++ code!

I would like to have a beautifier profile for visual studio projects. When I tried to find a rule for indentation of lambda functions, I tried to search field of editing a profile, but that hangs the editor.

Curious, does it hang for everything you type, or just certain search expressions? I've not been able to reproduce it yet.  If it doesn't seem to be specific to what you're typing, then I'll probably have to collect your configuration information, on the off chance it's some combination of settings and the search that's somehow going wrong. 

When I tried, I could, unfortunately, not reproduce it.

In slick, a lambda is indented from the left parenthesis, while in visual studio, it is indented from the indentation level of the method that the lambda is an argument of. Is it possible to tweak some parameter to get the same behavior in slick?

So, like this?

--- Code: --- std::sort(x, x + n, [](float a, float b) {
    return a < b;

--- End code ---

There currently isn't a setting that does that.  It does seem like a good candidate to add.

Yes, exactly.


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