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SE 2018 Beta on MAC click when not in focus


SE 2018 Beta 1 on MAC.
When I click on the window when it is not in focus, standard MAC applications would not accept the click to modify state of the application. SE 2018 will affect the click. So when I click on the window in the new minimap area, my code cursor is moved to that location even though SE wasn't in focus when I first clicked. This isn't desired by me and I don't know of any other MAC applications that I use that affect a mouse click when the window is not in focus.

Also, this only seems to happen in the new minimap area and does not occur in the text portion of the file being edited.

If it matters, I'm editing .h and .cpp files.

Thanks for catching this! Definitely not was is supposed to happen. This bug is reproducible on all platforms.

Fixed in next beta


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