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Status line


Is it possible to configure what should be included in the status line, now including line number, column number, etc.?

Would it be possible to have the status line on the same line as Search Results, Preview, etc. in order to save some height for text windows? Or have the status line a dockable area so it can be placed anywhere and also hideable.

Relating to a similar topic, would it be possible to remove the tabs so the file name is not shown, also to reduce height. I have now configured away the horizontal scroll bar to save space and would like to do the same for status line and file names.

The file tabs you can hide with the zoom toggle command (Ctrl shift Z).
On my system (Win 10) I can partially hide the status bar by setting the window to non maximised and adjusting the size and position  - something stops me from increasing the height of the window so the status bar is completely hidden though.
Have you tried fullscreen mode?  In tools -> options -> appearance - there's an option to hide the mdi menu in fullscreen mode.


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