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Big find hang


Playing around with ListAllOccurances and ListFilenamesOnly.

I accidentally searched for "," in all buffers.
Slick hung - non responsive and doesn't seem to be interruptible.

It finally finished with: Total found: 1771524

1: It took way to long to count to less than 2 million. (Granted, I had a bunch of buffers, and one buffer is 280mb - but I've got 16GB ram)
2: Why did it count all occurences when  "List filenames only" was set?
3: When searching with lookin set to "<All Buffers>", this isn't reflected in the first line of the search results window.

Find all in "All buffers", shows:

--- Code: ---Find all ",", List filenames only
Total found: 1771524
--- End code ---

Find all in a set of files shows:

--- Code: ---Find all ",", Subfolders, List filenames only, "C:\bin\*.bat", "*", Exclude: "*.html;......o"
Total files found: 50  (0.472 seconds)
--- End code ---


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