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Find In Files, List Filenames Only (was Search GZ Files fails)


I have a directory with a bunch of *.GZ log files (about 50KB each, and 4MB uncompressed).
Using Background search and ListFilenamesOnly causes Slickedit to miss 1 or more matching files.
(Seems to be the 1st matching file that is missed).

When I do a Find In Files, "Look in ZIP...", and "list filenames only" it only find matches in 4 files.
When I do the same, but set "foreground search", then it finds matches in 5 files.
Hm...So I uncompressed all the files and tried again -- still fails to find at least one file.

Setting it to "foreground" or removing "list filenames only" and it finds all the files it should.

Did you have one of matching files open in SlickEdit at the time?  I reproduced an issue with List Filenames Only, but it wasn't happening to any from files in a zip archive.  It was failing to list other files already open in the editor, and there was some faulty logic for that case with List Filenames only.   Fixing that for next drop, hopefully that is the only issue, but I'll keep checking.


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