Author Topic: Find in Files drop-down entries when changing projects  (Read 641 times)


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Here is a small "Find and Replace" issue. It is just a small nuisance, so low priority.

Two separate projects

C# Project

"Find in Files" "Look in" drop-down set to Project.
"File types" are *.cs.

Embedded C project:

"Find in Files" "Look in" drop-down set to a specific directory.
"File types" are *.c;*.cpp;*.h;*.asm;*.cmd;*.xmap.


When I switch from the C# project to the C project, the "Look in" is replaced with my specific directory which is expected. However, the "File types" are still set to *.cs.

When I switch from the C project to the C# project, the "Look in" stays at the specific directory for my C project and the "File types" stay set to *.c, *.cpp, etc.

So, the "Look in" configuration works in one direction but not the other. The "File types" is not re-configured at all. It would be best if the configurations were completely recovered when switching projects.