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Minimap and really huge files


I have not tried this yet, but sometimes I open really really HUGE logfiles in SE for searches. I have configured SE so that when files are over a certain threshold in size, that line numbering is turned off, as this caused SE to freeze for a long time with HUGE files. I also have line numbers turned off for files with .log extension.

minimap seems to need to read an entire file to work properly. But I wonder if it will also cause a freeze with HUGE files, much in the same way that line numbering did.

Is there a way to turn minimap off based on a size threshold? Have it on for files < XKbytes, but off for larger file sizes?

There already is a threshold that is configurable (Tools>Options>Editing>General>Turn off minimap when editing file larger than (KB))

The minimap does require the entire file to be read because it has to know the number of lines in the file.


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