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Minimap parameters and views
« on: August 11, 2018, 03:54:21 am »
So open buffer, enable minimap
Make the map a bit wider, and zoom in a few times.
Now Window->SplitVertical.
The new view I would expect to be identical, but it seems to get default settings for the minimap.

#2: Enable multiple files per window.
Open several buffers and a single view.
Enable minimap.
Resize the map and zoom in.

Now next buffer, prev buffer - returning to the original buffer.
This seems to always reset the minimap.

I'd expect that the minimap setting either be specific to the buffer, buffer+view combo, or the view alone - any of these would make sense.
Always resetting to the default isn't nice.

#3: The only setting that appears to stick to the specific buffer is minimap visible or not --- In case #1 split view, turning off the minimap in one view turns it off in both, but resizing and zooming affects only a single view.


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Re: Minimap parameters and views
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2018, 01:59:18 pm »
Split vertical and horizontal will be changed to preserve the minimap font and width.

The font issue occurs when switching buffers for other scenarios as well. For example, use Window>Font to change edit window font, switch to a different type of buffer (Unicode vs DBCS) and the font gets reset to the default. Fonts are stored per window but default must be applied in some scenarios. Makes things pretty tricky. Especially since a buffer can be displayed in multiple windows. For now, SlickEdit doesn't try to save any settings per buffer+window. When you consider the number of options that would have to be done this way and auto-restore, it's just not worth it.

Whether the minimap is visible is a per buffer setting. It has to be because it's a per language setting.