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« on: August 15, 2018, 11:59:58 pm »
#1: Tools > Options > Appearance > Colors
    Margins -> Margin Column Line
    The help text in the description box says "current soft-wrap margin"
But this option has nothing to do with View->SoftWrap.

It does seem to be the color for the Comment Wrap margin.

#2: Try searching for "minimap"
Note that "Appearance->Colors" is one of the hits.
Now, how long does it take you to find where minimap appears on the Colors page?
Yeah, I thought so -- too long!
Maybe Colors would benefit from its own search box!

#3: Search for anything
Goto "Search Results"
All the Paths start with "All Options >".
Maybe we don't need "All Options >" text repeated on every search result line, it seems meaningless - unless there is some other possibility?
Note also that this is different than the result from "Copy options path" -- seems like they ought be the same.

#4: Usually searching for something that appears in many languages results in a large *expanded* search results tree.
Searching some terms will match, but does not expand.
I hit this once before but I forget the search term I used.
Today I found "Language" does this.
Searching for "Language" is *really* slow, finds lots and lots of hits - and does not fully expand the search results tree.

I *like* that it doesn't fully expand the tree - this is a nice thing. I wish it would normally do it this way.


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Re: Options...
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2018, 02:52:30 pm »
#1 fixed. That was way off. Thanks
#2 Sadly search would be helpful. There SOOOOOOOO many options.
#3 I don't think we need the All Options> part either. I'll see if we can remove that. "Copy options path" has a different purpose. The intent there is for users to be able to send directions (via paste) what to do to find an option. I really like the way it works now.
#4 Tricky one. I like things expanded unless there are lots of hits.