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Save Deleted Files...
« on: August 23, 2018, 06:35:10 pm »
Once slick sees a file is missing it prompts once "save deleted files", then it wont prompt again, and always shows that the file is modified, even though it isn't.

  • Load "foo.txt" in Slickedit.
  • From cmd: gzip foo.txt
  • Switch to slick
  • Prompts "Save deleted files?"
  • From cmd: gzip -d foo.txt
  • Switch to slick
  • Slick shows the file as modified, and doesn't prompt about it.

I'm working with several *.GZ files.
I alternately compress and uncompress them - I uncompress them so I can edit (and *save*) from Slick, then I compress them and run my test program on them.

If I switch to slick while the files are in their *.gz form Slick complains "Save deleted files ....".

I cancel this, then I go back to the cmd window and uncompress them - and return to slick.

Slick marks all of these files as modified and doesn't reprompt about them.
I have to save them all to clear the modified flag.

If I actually also modify one of these files outside of slick, slick does notice this.