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Need to restore old key bindings to slickedit 2015 pro


I'm in the process of recovering a lost file system, and need to restore my old key bindings for 2015 pro. My key-binding file (vunxdefs.h) is pretty old, but is forwarded the same as vunxkeys.h.

I tried saving the current vunxkeys.h and copying my vunxdefs.h to vunxkeys.h, but my bindings don't take effect. I've also tried importing vunxdefs.h, which doesn't work. I've tried exporting the bindings, which indicates that it's going to write CUA.xml, but it doesn't write it.

Of course, I can go through key by key and manually set them, but I'd prefer to avoid that, especially since the export doesn't work, so I can't re-import the settings later.

Any suggestions?


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