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Sync editor file with projects


Is there a way to automatically link the current editor window to the file in the projects space that I am missing? Looking for a behavior similar to eclipse 'link with editor' checkbox.

Try right click => show file in projects toolwindow.
Is that what you mean?

If so, I used to have some code that would automatically synch the projects toolwindow to the current buffer.  Let me know if that's what you want and I'll see if I can find it.

thx for the quick reply... I was familiar with right-click method and should have been clearer. What I was looking for was a 'sicky' - show file in project window - capability that would mimic the eclipse 'link with editor' tooling.
Don't trouble yourself digging through your tool box. If it's not a standard vs capability it's not that big a deal -- just thought I might have overlooked something.

I could be confusing it with another of my support tools but didn't slickedit once have a web repository location for user community submissions for maco's etc. that were 'unsupported' but available to the community?

Probably something like this would do it.  This is untested.

void _switchbuf_show_file_in_projects_tb(void)

User written macros are here,21.0.html

Don't use the _switchbuf macro - it seems to have some problems.


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