Author Topic: Win-32bit, "Find\Replace in Files" "Look in" MRU population issue -  (Read 552 times)


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I found a strange behavior in the Windows 32bit version of SE.

In the Find in Files\Replace in Files tool window (mine is docked on the left):

- Add some directories and perform searches on them
- Then delete everything from that MRU drop-down
- Then select Workspace or Current Project from the fly-out on the right and search
- The drop-down now has the project directory, <Workspace> twice and <Project> twice

I would expect to find just the default complement of entries. I guess the project directory is always added in there by design, correct? Of course, the duplication of <Workspace> and <Project> should not be there either.

I do not see this on the Windows 64bit installation.
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