Author Topic: rebuild slick c tag file got a stack error dump  (Read 1249 times)


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rebuild slick c tag file got a stack error dump
« on: October 17, 2018, 06:39:47 am »
My tag file had beta 5 files in it so I did rebuild all and got an error.
It worked the second time without an error.

Code: [Select]
Incorrect version
slickc.ex 6395 slickc:removeOldFiles(C:\SlickConfig\23.0.0\tagfiles\slickc.vtg,C:\Program Files\SlickEdit\Pro-23-0-0\\macros\)   p_window_id: 455   p_object: OI_EDITOR   p_name:
slickc.ex 7027 copyInstalledSlickCTagFile()   p_window_id: 459   p_object: OI_COMMAND_BUTTON   p_name: ctlrebuild_tag_file
slickc.ex 5880 _e_MaybeBuildTagFile(0,1,1)   p_window_id: 459   p_object: OI_COMMAND_BUTTON   p_name: ctlrebuild_tag_file
tags.ex 8939 MaybeBuildTagFile(e,1,1)   p_window_id: 459   p_object: OI_COMMAND_BUTTON   p_name: ctlrebuild_tag_file
tagform.ex 11993 TagRebuildAnyTagFile(C:\SlickConfig\23.0.0\tagfiles\slickc.vtg,e,0)   p_window_id: 459   p_object: OI_COMMAND_BUTTON   p_name: ctlrebuild_tag_file
tagform.ex 12625 _tag_form.ctlrebuild_tag_file.lbutton_up()   p_window_id: 459   p_object: OI_COMMAND_BUTTON   p_name: ctlrebuild_tag_file


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Re: rebuild slick c tag file got a stack error dump
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2018, 02:18:12 pm »
"Incorrect version" indicates that the maketags.e batch macro was the wrong version.  This could happen under one of the following (odd) circumstances.  Note that the installers make sure that all the batch macros are updated and compiled.

1) Your current directory was a directory containing a maketags.e and maketags.ex that were both read-only.

2) You modified maketags.e in your installation directory, but maketags.ex is read-only.

3) You have a path in your VSLICKMACROS environment where SlickEdit is picking up an old version of maketags.e.

4) A whole other scenario entirely that boils down to SlickEdit trying to load an out-of-date version of maketags.ex.
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