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RC2 needs product uninstalled?


Usually I install the beta or the RC and leave the last one installed so that I can quickly back out or compare against the changes.  Once I'm satisfied, I'll uninstall the last rev.   However, with this new RC2, I get error that the current product needs to be uninstalled before installing the new product.   Is this the new norm?

Known limitation

If you really want to keep the old installation, make a copy of the entire installation directory somewhere else. Then you can uninstall the old version, and install the new version while still keeping a copy elsewhere. I do this exact process so I can keep copies of various beta/rc versions for testing.

If you're really worried, make a backup copy of your configuration files.

I just don't recall having to have had to do this before (at least not for any of the betas).   Thanks for the info.

Its been like this in all previous SE beta programs; the betas install into separate directories, but the RCs install into the same release directory and so require an uninstall of the previous version to go from one RC to the next.

In years past, I was on a Linux platform, so I was always manually typing in where to place the installation so I didn't notice.   This year I'm using the Windows platform, so I did.    Thanks for the clarification Clark and jc44.


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