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strange clipboard


The code below is giving me a strange clipboard.  Put the cursor on append_word_to_clipboard and type Ctrl-C.  The line gets copied to a new clipboard.  Now run the command append_word_to_clipboard and a line gets added to the clipboard but it is prefixed by a light gray right parenthesis character (see attachment) and if you copy the clipboard to a text file the right parenthesis comes too, in column 1.  If I turn off "view other control characters" it changes to a small question mark in a box.  The status bar shows its value as 0A  - linefeed.
Same thing happens if I select a word and type C-S-C append-to-clipboard.
The left-hand window of the clipboard tool-window also goes into some kind of double spacing mode - see attachment.

--- Code: ---_command void append_word_to_clipboard() name_info(',')

--- End code ---

Fixed in RC3

append_to_clipboard is incorrectly adding newlines between appended clipboards (def_append_clipboard_adds_newline)


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