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_time('F') seems wrong


The help for _time('F') says this.  For hh I'm getting 02 when its 3:40 pm.  Is there some timezone adjustment on this?  With 'T' option I get 3:40pm.
Timezone here is UTC + 12:00 and we're in one hour daylight saving mode.
I'm trying to use current time-date in a filename.

* <dt>'F'</dt><dd>Return time in the format YYYYMMDDhhmmssfff
 * where YYYY is the year, MM is the month,
 * DD is the day, hh is an hour between 0 and 23,
 * mm is the minutes between 0 and 59, ss is the
 * seconds between 0 and 59, and fff is the fractional
 * second, in milliseconds.</dd>

--- Code: ---_command void testtime() name_info(',')

--- End code ---

Docs need to be fixed. This is UTC time.

You can get the local time with _time('M')


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