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xretrace, xxutils and a few other things

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I've combined xretrace, xxutils and a few other things into a single zip file.  Backup your current configuration folder then unzip to your config folder so that you have a sub-folder called xretrace that has the macro files and bitmaps needed.

Have a read of the info towards the end of the xload-macros.e source file.
If you want to try this out before changing your normal config folder then create a new empty temporary config folder - start slick with vs.exe +new -sc some-empty-folder   - then import all your settings and load all the files below.

The xload_macros command prompts if you want to force the macro source to be re-compiled.  Normally you should say "yes" to this.

>>>>>>  from xload-macros.e

You can clone the xretrace folder to anywhere you want and load it by loading xload-macros.e then run the macro xload_macros_default_path_silent   - (or xload_macros_dev which will prompt for the location of the xretrace folder if you want to select where it goes).
default path is UserMacros/xretrace in your config folder.

     If you use xload_macros_dev you will be prompted for which modules you want to load.
     dlinklist.e is needed by other modules  - no harm to load it.
     xretrace-whatever  - load all three or none
     xtemp-file-manager is needed by xxutils but it's sort of inactive until you enable it
     xnotepad  -  is needed by xxutils
     xblock-selection-editor - is optional

xretrace now includes a kind of vertical scrollbar.  It creates a bunch of text files - if you don't want these then stick with the old xretrace (link below) and skip loading the three xretrace modules listed above.  xretrace.e has some detail at the start about how to use it.,4693.msg36784.html#msg36784
The old version of xxutils.e is here,11186.msg57320.html#msg57320

If you want to use the temporary file handler then it's best to create an environment variable called xtemp_files_path to specify where you want the temp files to go - more info in xload-macros.e.  The file xtemp-file-manager has some detail at the start about what it's doing.

Please let me know if there are any problems.

[EDIT Nov 11, 2018]
Uploaded some updated files to fix a couple of things.  There's a new option in the xretrace options dialog  -  "capture retrace data to disk".  It's off by default.  If you want xretrace-scrollbar to show anything useful it needs to be enabled.

Hi Graeme:

Is this the latest version of your tools? I want to try it out but when I search the forum there is more than 1 post, so not sure which one to use.

Maybe you can make a github for it? This way there is one central place to get it and you can even have contributors.

Also, is there a reason why the macros need to be in a subfolder of the config folder? I usually have my macros in a dedicated folder outside of the config.

Hi Rob
This thread is the latest version but I haven't had time to switch to V24 yet and I'm fairly sure that xretrace doesn't work correctly with V24 and it crashes slickedit on Linux.  I should get time to look at it in a couple of weeks.

I have macros in a sub-folder so that when I upgrade to a new config folder, the macros get copied and re-built with the new version.  It allows me to keep using an older version if I want  - the .ex file isn't portable between versions.

I agree that there should be a common git repo for macros - the wiki would be useful too.  jporkkahtc posted a link to his git repo for his macros a while ago but I would prefer that the repo was owned by SlickEdit Inc and publicised on this forum.

I also have to set up an easier way to load my macros using the hotfix mechanism - I started doing it after a suggestion from Dennis but ran into problems and lack of time.

I tried to use xretrace with v24 on Linux before your post.

It is not crashing v24,  xretrace_cursor and xtrace_modified_line seem to work.

However when I do xretrace_modified_line_steps or xretrace_cursor_steps, the popup window comes up but then instantly disappears. I set the below:

--- Code: ---#define  XRETRACE_DATA_PATH  "/tmp/xretrace"
--- End code ---

But I don't see any files created in there when I move the cursor around or start modifying lines.

xretrace seems like it can be really useful so I don't mind debugging it on v24 if you have any pointers for where I should look?

I started a private github repo for my changes but I can easily make it public, if you are interested.


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