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SlickEdit 2018 (v23.0.0) - Now Available
« on: October 23, 2018, 04:45:45 pm »
SlickEdit 2018 (v23.0.0)

Fixes, Features, and Enhancements in SlickEdit 2018 (23.0.0)
  • Language Support
    • New R Language Support
      • Color Coding
      • Smart editing features include smart indenting, SmartPaste(TM), and reindenting on Tab
      • Multi-file and single file project support
      • Context Tagging(TM)
    • New Kotlin Support
      • Color Coding
      • Smart editing features include smart indenting, SmartPaste(TM), and reindenting on Tab
      • Gradle build support
    • Java Enhancements
      • Gradle build support. New project template has been added for creating a Java project which builds using gradle.
      • Improve performance of namespace import handling.
      • Fix context tagging for Java template parameters with one or more extends clauses
      • Fix parsing of statements that are purely expressions, for example: new SomeThread().run();
    • New Google Protocol Buffers Language Support
      • Color Coding
      • Smart editing features include smart indenting and SmartPaste(TM).
      • Context Tagging(TM)
    • Scala Enhancements
      • New debugging Support
      • New support for Gradle projects with multiple project
      • Improved smart indenting
      • Added support for insert braces immediately and dynamic surround.
      • Added quick brace/unbrace support
    • Groovy Enhancements
      • Now supports Gradle projects with multiple project
      • Improved smart indenting
      • Added quick brace/unbrace support
    • C/C++ Enhancements
      • Added Context Tagging(TM) support for C++17 structured bindings.
      • Fixed parsing of C++ parent class specifications when parent class is qualified with a leading ::
      • Improv0ed parsing and context tagging for C++11 user-defined string literals
      • Fixed parsing for C++11 universal initalizers using braces in constructor initializer lists
      • Fixed parsing of C++11 template arguments when template argument name is omitted
      • C++11 lambda expressions are now parsed correctly
      • Improved Context Tagging and Symbol coloring for constructor initializer lists, especially C++11 delegating constructors
      • Changed option to automatically process #defines within the current file to be off by default
      • Added option (off by default) to pull #defines from current project configuration and use them as if they were defined in the C/C++ Preprocessing options
      • Added auto-complete suggestions for C/C++ string escape sequences (backslash)
      • Added auto-complete suggestions for C/C++ printf format specifiers (percent)
      • C++17 support for the following:
        • u8 character literal
        • Hexadecimal floating point literals
        • fold expressions (nothing special to do)
        • template <auto>
        • class template argument deduction -- not supported at this time
        • constexpr if
        • selection statements with initializer
        • constexpr lambdas
        • lambda capture of *this
        • inline variables
        • structured bindings
        • byte type
    • C# Enhancments
      • Updated parsing to C# 6.0 Specification and fixed many Context Tagging bugs
      • Enabled statement-level tagging for C#
      • Anonymous functions and delegates are now parsed correctly
    • System Verilog Enhancements
      • Improved support for interface modport parameter tagging
      • Improved error recovery for incomplete declarations when tagging
    • Python Enhancements
      • Debugger performance improved especially for deep call stacks (like recursive functions)
    • Ada Enhancements
      • Improved Enter and Space smart indenting for begin/end handling.
    • Markdown
      • Improved color coding. Added embedded color coding support for ```{R options} and ```Language
  • Project Support
    • Support for Visual Studio 2017 .NET Core projects. View project file in Project tool window. Project templates for building with dotnet command line tool instead of msbuild
  • Appearance Enhancements
    • Minimap
      • Zoom In/Out support
      • Configurable width. Select fixed width or percentage of total width and maximum width
      • Configure click to scroll or move cursor to line
      • Optionally show tooltip with lines in a larger font. Move focus into tooltip editor control by holding down Ctrl key. Can copy/paste lines from tooltip editor control.
      • Optionally show modified lines.
      • Optionally show vertical lines.
    • Added font ligature support on macOS.
  • Tagging
    • The References tool window is now stackable, making it possible to navigate through multiple sets of referencing search results easily.
    • Added option to disable preview of the symbol under the cursor in the Preview tool window.
    • Added option to disable displaying comments for the symbol under the cursor in the Preview tool window.
    • Added option to display evaluated return type of symbol in Preview tool window.  This is helpful for type-inferred variables.
    • Added option to display evaluated return type of symbols on mouse-over.  This is helpful for type-inferred variables.
    • Added option to activate the Preview Tool window when a symbol is selected in the Select Symbol dialog. Before, it would do this by default.
    • The Preview tool window and the References Preview now support wfont-zoom-in/out (Ctrl +/-) and wfont-unzoom (Ctrl+0) keyboard shortcuts.
    • Added new command (push_tag_filter_overloads), which behaves like push-tag, but temporarily enables the option to filter out non-matching function overloads.
  • DIFFzilla
    • The diff engine has been rewritten to be faster. This provides faster backup history and diffs. Some cases are many times faster. Diff much larger files and get good performance.
    • Undo information is retained after using diff on an edit buffer.
  • Debugger
    • Added support for Mono Soft Debugger protocol
    • Note:  The Mono project implementation of the SDB protocol is currently very young and fragile. 
                         It is easy for debugging to cause the Mono interpreter to crash. 
                         This is a problem with the Mono debugger implementation and not a problem with
                         SlickEdit's support of the protocol and/or SlickEdit's debugger integration.
  • Files
    • Added support for opening files in Unix cpio files (.cpio), compressed cpio files (.cpgz), and Linux RPM files (.rpm)
  • Auto Restore Enhancements
    • Option for storing tool window/toolbar/window layouts per monitor configuration. For example, if you have two machines with different numbers of monitors and/or different resolutions, the auto restore data is stored for each monitor configuration.
  • Vim Emulation Enhancements
    • New option for using Vim syntax regular expressions.
    • Added support for Auto deselect on cursor movement option for CUA selections. For example, creating a non-Vim-like selection with Shift+Arrow keys and then moving the cursor will deselect if the option for it is set (it's on by default).
    • Added support for "Leaved selected" search option. Supports '/' command and some others.
    • Added support for di", da",  di', da', di`, and da` as well as other quoted string operations.
  • Binary File Enhancements
    • Unknown files which appear to contain binary data use the "Binary" language mode.
  • Find and Replace
    • New Default Excludes option and ability to excluding files which appear to have binary contents when multi-file searching.
                  The Excludes combo box list now allows you to choose <Default Excludes> or <Binary Files>.
                  When <Binary Files> is chosen (or <Default Excludes> which contains <Binary Files> by default), files that appear to have
                  binary data are excluded from the search. This is useful when searching files with a * or *.* wildcard.
                  For example, search Unix shell scripts with no file extensions while excluding executables.
    • The "Look in zip/word/excel files" check box now supports .tar, .gz, .Z files, .cpio, .cpgz, and .rpm files.
    • "List current context" check box now supports more tag types: Class, Interface, Struct, Union, Enum, Package/Namespace, Programs.
    • Improved performance using "List current context" option.
    • Multi-file find or replace now supports "Advanced Filtering" options. Optionally specify a maximum file size and/or file modified time range.
    • "Look in:" now supports specifying file lists.
    • "Look in:" now supports specifying the files in the Search Results tool window. This can also be initiated from the new "Find in Files using Search Results" context menu item in the Search Results tool window.
    • The "Filter search results" dialog now supports filtering by files in the results by using ant-like syntax to include/exclude, similar to File types/Exclude syntax from Find in Files.
    • Search Results tool window context menu supports generating a file list with the new "Generated File List" menu item.
  • Comments
    • JavaDoc comment alias generation now correctly supports template parameters using <typeparam>
    • XMLDoc comment alias generation now correctly supports template parameters using @param <argName>
    • JavaDoc and XMLDoc comment edtiors not support template parameters.
    • Update Doc Commnet... now correctly supports template parameters.
  • Enhancements to named auto-restore commands
    • Commands save_named_files/load_named_files. Writes to windowstate.slk and restores files only.
    • Commands save_named_layout/load_named_layout. Writes to layoutstate.ini and restores tool windows and tool bars.
    • Commands save_named_state/load_named_state. Writes to state.ini and restores everything (files, tool windows, toolbars). Anyone
              who previously used saved_named_state/load_named_state will need to use save_named_files/load_named_files instead.
  • General
    • Line endings and encoding now displayed in status line.
    • New checking for inconsistent line endings feature. Supports making the line endings consistent. You can turn it off and use the check_line_endings command Edit&gt;Other&gt;Check Line Endings when you want to check the current file.
    • Hex view now supports specifying the number of columns and the number of bytes per column on a per language basis.
    • New Directory Aliases
      • h and home will expand to your Home directory.
      • dl and downloads will expand to your Downloads directory.
      • do and documents will expand to your Documents directory.

    • Better smart enter support for nested unbraced control flow blocks for C++, C#, Java, Object-C, Rust, and D.
    • Added experimental +sopenro invocation option which tries to force all opened files to be read-only.
    • Fix for regex subroutine support bug.
    • Fix for regex minimal matching performance optimization bug.
    • Added Contents>Send to Search Results to References and Find Symbol Tool window to send contents to Search Results.

  • Not all fixes/changes have been listed.