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UI looking and feel


The UI is drawn incorrectly. The tabs and other UI components are missing details. See attached screendump.

Running on Windows10

It works fine on Windows 10 for me and probably lots of other people.
Is this the first time you've tried V23?
Did you let slickedit upgrade your V22 configuration?

You could try running slickedit with a new configuration folder
vs.exe +new -sc some-empty-folder.
If that works ok with slick closed, delete vslick.sta and vrestore.slk (back them up first) from your normal configuration folder, run slick and see if that helps.
Maybe reboot your PC if you didn't already.

I didn't recognized the behavior, but similar things are happening with V22.
After using  my PC through remote desktop, the UI ends up like this.

After restarting it looks okay again, but it is annoying to close the application every time after using remote desktop.

Any time "scale and layout" changes, you get this.

Repro: Run Slick. Note the normal UI.
Go to display settings and change "Scale and layout" to something other than 100%, or change it to 100%.

Go back to Slick, notice that the UI is messed up.

Also: If you run Slick in Dark mode you will not have this problem.


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