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transfer license to new computer


I bought a "professional" copy of slickedit.  I don't know what the license type is, i.e.  The account.registrations page says SlickEdit Professional 2018  then there are icons under Product Download, License Download and Assign to User. 
I'm trying to figure out what I'm allowed to do with this.
Specifically I want to know if I can install it on my current MSWindows7 machine and then when I get my new MSWindows10 computer in a month if I can install it on that.  I plan on erasing and trashing the old MSWindows7 computer and boot disk.  Thanks for any help.

Sure - you can do that.  Unless you have the license server version (doesn't sound like you do), you can install Slickedit however you like.  The restriction is that you're only allowed to use it on one computer at a time. 

When you do the product download, you should see a button for "generate license file".  That's your ticket right there. 

For instance, I have it installed on my computer at home, on my computer at work, and on a laptop I use frequently.  I only ever use it on one computer at a time.  Fully within the rules set forth in the license.  My work computer is "new" as my old computer died about a month ago. One of the first things I did was download VS and install it on the new PC.  I can't seem to do without it. 

(And someone from SlickEdit may chime in.  I don't think I'm wrong.)

ok fabulous.  I had guessed that what you are talking about was optional and not basic/standard.
That's the way it worked back in 2008 the last time I bought SlickEdit.  It's been a while.   
I'll go ahead and put the 2018 on my PC and go at it.
Thanks for the help.


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