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Flush to disk on write on Windows 10

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I am using SlickEdit to modify CircuitPython files on an Adafruit Feather board. When the file is written to the board the micro controller will restart the python file automatically. It looks like when I write part of my file is written but the complete file is not written for ~30 seconds. Is there a way to have SlickEdit force the OS to flush the data to the drive rather than let the OS do it when it is ready?


Did you see this article?
You could use the drive eject thing in the Windows system tray.
You could also try this sysinternals utility
If it works for you, it's possible to set up slickedit to call it automatically every time you save a file or from a toolbar button click.

Thanks for the suggestions. Using the eject on the task bar worked as did the sync tool. Where can I look for hints on how to run the sync tool automatically when the file is saved as you suggested?


Something like this.  This is untested.
Functions that start with _cbsave_ get called automatically when a file is saved.
You could add this to your vusrmac.e file in your config folder.
If you don't have a vusrmac.e file then record a trivial macro and one will be created.

--- Code: ---void _cbsave_do_sync()
   _str drive = strip_filename(p_buf_name, 'PN');
   message(drive);    // goes to status line for debug
   if ( pos(drive, 'H:') != 0 ) {
      shell('sync.exe  ','QA');

--- End code ---

Forgot to say - to load macro file, use the load module command on the macro menu.


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