Author Topic: DIFF - Change First Match to mid-screen, instead of top-of-screen  (Read 2834 times)


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If I search multiple files and then select one of them the DIFF display jumps to first match (as I have selected in OPTIONS).  But that is positioned at top of screen.  At all other times when I use NEXT / PREVIOUS the match is scrolled to mid-screen. Nowadays I have huge (portrait) screens, so the difference in placement is significant, compared to the Old Days ...

If the first and second match are a few lines apart it is "annoying" that the first match is at the top of the screen and then when I use NEXT, even though the next match is a couple of liens away, it scrolls to mid-screen.

I think it would be better if:

First match is mid screen
Unless first-match is so early in the file that is above mid-screen, in which case position screen with 1st line at top-of-screen, and highlight match accordingly.  (No scrolling on NEXT until a match is below mid-screen position)


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Re: DIFF - Change First Match to mid-screen, instead of top-of-screen
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Sorry I didn't see this before.

This is changed for the upcoming v24.0 beta.