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Please support YAML


A few years back I'd only seen it used in ruby/rails.  Now it's showing up in many more things, from custom configs, to ansible, grails, kubernetes, helm, and likely more.

I am on the trial version and was honestly surprised that YAML is not one of the languages that is supported. I work with cloudformation as well as salt and YAML is a big need for me.

The lack of YAML support will unfortunately nix me buying this software but did want to add that it is very intuitive and light weight. Enjoyed using it for scripting python and some html.

v24 will have YAML support


--- Quote from: Clark on March 27, 2019, 02:16:43 pm ---v24 will have YAML support

--- End quote ---

This is awesome news. Thank you for posting it here.

Will most definitely be buying SlickEdit v24.


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