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Anyone still require 32-bit SlickEdit ?

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Two issues we know would have to be addressed if we go 64-bit only:

* GDB on Windows, either distribute two binaries or check if latest GDB supports multi-arch on Windows.
* SCC clients which are 32-bit only, either have to drop support, or put together a 32-bit adaptor process
The advantages to dropping 32-bit SlickEdit would be:

* Two fewer platforms to test and maintain.
* More time for us to improve the product in other ways

I have had issues with using GDB on 32-bit programs where the solution was to switch to the 32-bit version of Slickedit.

I still use SlickEdit 32-bit because I have to maintain some old embedded products where the tools require 32-bit. The 32-bit requirement isn't for the software so much as the JTAG debuggers they use (drivers). That said, the current SE 32-bit probably does all I need it to do for that legacy support.

Currently, I also have a tool chain that we run in an XP VM. I am still running SE v16.0.3.0 32-bit for that. I would like to run the last version of SE for XP in that, but I don't know what version that is. And, I did not have maintenance in those days to get it.

That said, SE 32-bit today probably does all I need for legacy work. However, the embedded systems I work with don't use things like GDB, etc. that others might need. I just use SE as a strong editor, not a debug and scripting environment.

If SE does go 64-bit only, you could keep the last XP compatible version and the last 32-bit, non-XP, version available for customers that need it for legacy support. That is, (in the 64-bit only future) if you purchase SE, these two 32-bit versions are available to the customer as well. Of course, the legacy version will not have new improvements which is how I deal with XP now.


WRT GDB: Even if the standard windows builds don't to multi-arch, you can build it yourself and select specific architectures, or just select all, and it works fine on Windows.

I use it occasionally on legacy Windows systems.  Only as the familiar text editor I know, not as a development platform.  I would be happy with a deprecated version for x86.


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