Author Topic: How to get Slickedit to stop using relative paths in projects?  (Read 372 times)


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I just noticed that my Project file has duplicates of many files:  Here's an example:

         Name="Source Files"
         <F N="../sw.git/drivers/resman/kernel/msdec/fermi/90b3_100.c"/>
         <F N="/home/ttabi/sw.git/drivers/resman/kernel/msdec/fermi/90b3_100.c"/>

../sw.git/ and /home/ttabi/sw.git/ are the same path.  The reason this happens is because I have a shell script that creates .vpj files, but it uses absolute paths.  However, SlickEdit insists on identifying all files relative to the location of the project file.  So whenever I manually add a new file to my project, it adds it using a relative path.  In Slickedit 2011, at least it realized that the two paths were the same and didn't add them twice.  In Slickedit 2018, apparently something changed and now I have this mess.

This never made any sense to me.  I don't put the .vpj file in the same path as my source files, because then my VPJ files are scattered all over the place, and I'll never be able to find them.  That's why I keep them all in one directory, ~/projects.

How can I fix this?  Is there a way I can get Slickedit to detect these duplicates?  Is there an option where it stops using relative paths?