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Delayed context tagging

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I have a problem with context tagging which seems to have dragged on between SE versions, so perhaps it's a setting I've made (or not made) rather than an issue per se. Maybe it rings a bell with someone...

What it is is that context tagging doesn't work for the file I am editing. That is, in one file I will create a typedef struct, say, and in another file when I use that definition I don't got code completion and nothing in the preview window. I check that the background tagging is complete (from the status bar), save the edited file, etc., but generally nothing helps. Close and restart SE and it's working great.

I am not sure if this only occurs, or perhaps is worse, if I create the file during that session (file, new). Despite it being added to the project, perhaps SE doesn't recognise it as so until a restart.

If you can put together a small sample to reproduce this, or a complete set of steps to reproduce it, we'll see if we can find a solution.

Yes. Trouble is it pops up out of the blue and when I'm intentionally remembering what I'm doing it tends not to happen :)

Just wondered if it rang a bell with anyone, but I'll try and work out the definitive steps.

This is happening again in V24.0.0.8.

Earlier on SE was failing to find uint32_t and the like. I added the compiler include directory and it then took quite a while to actually resolve things, but I put it down to one of those things.

Just now I was editing a src.h file and the additions I made didn't show up in the src.c at all (the files are next to each other in a folder). I went as far as adding the folder as a compiler include directory but it made no difference. Rebuilt the workspace tag file with no change. Closed and reopened SE and it worked fine.

Is there something I can do or look at when this is happening to pinpoint the cause?

You can try the attached experimental hot fix.

Note, because of the nature of how the cumulative hot fixes are loaded, this fix might be kind of a one-off.  You can load it, but it might only be effective for your current session.

If it works, it will be part of the next cumulative hot fix for 24.0.0.


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