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Green Hills Software/MULTI IDE/C++

Anybody out there using SlickEdit for developing C++ applications that are built with Green Hills Software MULTI IDE?

I'm a SlickEdit newbie and I'm looking for tips on how to better use the tool.


I have done that in a previous project, but I used MULTI only in situations where I could not avoid it.
I create my projects from within SE, and may call 'build/make' from the SE GUI or from an external command line.
Importing the errors/warnings is not a big issue (unless you already upgraded to 11.0.1 ;-) Just kidding!

Anything special you want to know?
I've figured out how to edit source code in SE; that was easy. Next I'd like to build from in SE. In particular I'd like to have MULTI stop popping open it's editor window when it finds a compilation error.

I'm not sure exactly how SE manages it's different types of IDE integrations. I was hoping that maybe they are stored in files and that maybe someone might have such a file for MULTI.


I do this all of the time.  You can call build.exe from the command line.  I do this through SlickEdit by setting it up in Project->Properties->Tools->Build   in the command line field add <path to green hills>\build <project name>  You can also setup rebuild through  Project->Properties->Tools->Rebuild by adding -all to the build command above. 

You will have to tell SlickEdit how to parse the error messages (I don't have the string with me, see the online help).  It works great, I can build and fix errors without leaving slickedit.

I hope this helps.


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