Author Topic: Issue registering license on Slickedit.Error:Unable to create temp license file  (Read 374 times)

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One of the user is facing issue while registering license . Getting error :Unable to create temp license file
Attaching screenshot for the error.

Installing version : SlickEdit 2017 v22

Please assist.
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Either the user doesn't have write permissions to the environment path specified by TEMP or TMP (or C:\Temp), or maybe there isn't one?  SlickEdit license manager is attempting to create a temporary file to be installed from the license server, and it fails because it can't create the file.  If there isn't a temp location specified by the environment, you could manually install the license file yourself.  You can create a file called slickedit.lic that has the following:
Code: [Select]
    <Server name="27100@mySlickEditServer" />

where the quoted name is the same as the string typed into Use License Server prompt.  On Windows, the license manage attempts to install the server license file into Windows ProgramData folder, typically this C:\ProgramData\slickedit\22\ (where the number is the SlickEdit major version number, v22 in this example).  You can try that manually, but you also copy that file into the SlickEdit installation directory as well, it should pick it up there as well.