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First line disapears when cursor moves over "top of file" line


I'm running SlickEdit Pro 2018 with hotfix_se2301_4_cumulative installed on macOS Mojave (10.14.5).

When editing some files (I've noticed so far with some .css files) whenever I move of the "Top of File" line the first line of the file (line 1) is simply "erased". There is still an empty line and if I save the file, then the blank line replaces the original line.

Undo does not work as SlickEdit does not considers that a change was made, so there is no way to revert except by quit and reload.

Any ideas? Has anyone seem this before?

Thanks in advance!


I can reproduce that with CSS files.  First line vanishes whenever I hover the mouse over that "Top Of Line" line.  We're taking a look at it.

Thanks for the quick reply! Glad to know that it's easily reproducible.

For the time being I'm keeping the "Top of File" line hidden, so I will not damage CSS files.

Fixed for next hot fix build. This problem is limited to CSS files only. Thanks for letting us know

Great! Thanks.
Will run without the TOF line until next hotfix!


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