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Custom colours
« on: May 18, 2019, 09:07:19 pm »
I know this has been kind of asked for before, but not quite like this...

Currently I am colouring build output using ANSI escape characters and, of course, the build window doesn't show these. I have set up the 'process' language to see the ANSI sequences as tokens, and now the stuff between the sequences is coloured. Yay!

But... they're the wrong colours. I want OK to be green and ERROR to be red, and the only way I've found to do this so far is to define [32;1m as a comment, and [31;1m as a number (I am using the light watercolours profile). Works,  but...

Obviously, if I change my colour scheme the colouring of the build window will change too. So, how about additional colour tags for specific colours? That is, instead of using the attribute 'comment' to get green, there is a specific attribute called 'green' that can be defined as green. Easy peasy, no? Takes no work for you SE folks (other than to add the primary colour names, or maybe just 'color1', etc., and the user can make them show what they want to show. Changing colour profile would then keep absolute colours the same with no effort.

[After this, just need a simple way to consume the ANSI sequences so they disappear from the window but still get to trigger the colours.]

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