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Perforce not using full path when sending "fstat" command


When Slickedit tries to "p4 edit" a file, it issues a bunch of commands.  All but one, fstat, pass the full path of the command.  This results in an error.  Here's a log of all the "p4" commands that Slickedit sends when I wants to open a file for editing:

--- Code: ----ztag opened /home/ttabi/sw/dev/gpu_drv/chips_a/pmu_sw/prod_app/clk/nv/.../...
-ztag fstat perf_cf_sensor_clkcntr.c
edit /home/ttabi/sw/dev/gpu_drv/chips_a/pmu_sw/prod_app/perf/nv/cf/perf_cf_sensor_clkcntr.c
-ztag opened /home/ttabi/sw/dev/gpu_drv/chips_a/pmu_sw/prod_app/perf/nv/cf/perf_cf_sensor_clkcntr.c
--- End code ---

That second line should be "-ztag fstat /home/ttabi/sw/dev/gpu_drv/chips_a/pmu_sw/prod_app/perf/nv/cf/perf_cf_sensor_clkcntr.c"


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