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I there an equivalent to VS Navigate Backward?


Hi all:

After scrubbing through 1500+ pages of documentation looking for this fairly straightforward feature, I turn to you. I'm looking for an equivalent to Visual Studio (View.NavigateBackward) or eclipse (Last Edit Location).
The VS navigate backward simply walks back through previous edit locations whether in the current file, or other files.

A very simple use case is this:

I am editing method A in the middle of a long source file, and now I go work on method B somewhere else in the same file. I realize I need to make a change back in method A.

In VS, this is me hitting View.Navigatebackward three of four times and I am right back to method A.

I understand how to do this with bookmarks, but in the use case I provided, I didn't know to drop a bookmark in method A in the first place.

Obviously, this is not the same as SE Navigate Backward, which acts like a browser - walking back through files.

What am I missing? This seems like fairly straightforward functionality in other IDEs.


That's why I wrote xretrace,16598.0.html,4693.0.html

Don't get me wrong with this post - I love the product - but this seems like such a basic feature which is in pretty much every programmers editor out there. Why do we need to download and install a set of macros that then need to be manually installed and fiddled with to get it working? Why isn't it just in the base product itself?
It seems like features like this should make their way to the standard release build / documentation sooner rather than later. Will it be in SE 2020?
Thanks for your response. Please take this in the spirit in which it is intended.

I agree.  xretrace is vital to me and it doesn't work properly on Linux at the moment.  It also doesn't work properly for inserted lines.  However, slick team have a huge job just keeping up with changes in languages and they no doubt have a very hard job deciding what features have the most value to the product. 


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