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Help file.


Good to see an upgrade to a later version of the Qt help system!

The section headings in help pages are now much less prominent, making it harder to visually scan and find them.

For example, help -> Introduction -> Documentation -> Menus and Dialogs.

The "Menus and Dialogs" heading in the help is actually *smaller* than the surrounding text.

In the old help file all of these heading were much larger and bold - easier to read.

So far, the only feature we want from Qt 5 is Ligature font support. Without that, we wouldn't be using it for Windows.

This seems to happen for the deeper help items.

Clicking the zoomin icon a couple times seems to do the trick.

We will see if we can pre-configure this.

We can definitely fix this. There's more problems than just heading font sizes. You can also notice that the spaces between the headings and the paragraphs is way to small.

This will be fixed for the next beta. This turns out to be a problem with the way the assistant.exe that was shipped was built. It's using the wrong browser.


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