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Directory diff crash


When diffing 2 directory trees containing a variety of files (binaries, xmls, text, source files), SE crashes.  This is an old problem which occurs when you forget to uncheck "source diff".  Having "source diff" checked for this kind of diff is of course problematic, but SE should survive it.

It would be helpful to have some sort of debug logging so that I can isolate which file is causing the crash.

Can you reproduce this easily?

Does it crash if you check the "Run in foreground"  check box?

If it's easily reproducible, you could try excluding/including certain extensions to narrow this down to a file type.

I did try diffing some mixed source trees but didn't get a crash. However, one source does cause a Slick-C stack. It's possible this is related. Looking into this.

Dan's out of town for a bit. Diff is his area. Not sure if there's logging in there. That would definitely be helpful.

Excluding <binary files> made the problem go away. Without that exclusion, it died with different files with binary content, such as .exe, .bin, .class, .jar. Sorry, I could not narrow it any closer. 

The attached zip will give you at least one example where the problem occurs.  Do a recursive diff of the 2 root directories, leave all other diff settings alone.

Perfect. It hangs for me with beta 1. Doesn't hang with our current dev build for beta 2. Although, I've got a test case where I get a Slick-C stack. Something to do with files/directories missing for one side or the other.

I'm looking into this.


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