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"List matching lines once only" vs [line truncated]


Seems "List matching lines once only" it's not working on [line truncated] results, see attached.
But this is not new, just checked and it's the same in "SlickEdit Pro 2018 (v23.0.1.2 64-bit)". Bug?

That is a limitation.  If a search result is truncated due to line length or search result truncation width, then it continues to show matching results as separate lines in the results. 

It is working as designed, assuming that you would want to see all the matches on a line.  In the un-truncated result, there is a highlight for each match on the same line with that option.  The option does say list matching lines once, so maybe the original assumption is wrong.  We can change this, so that list once really does list once in any case.  Maybe that is the correct thing.  If you have feedback, we can change it.

Thanks for the explanation. Indeed I realise now that listing truncated lines only once might get difficult if the matches are on opposite ends, you would have to truncate in the middle, and it might get worse if you have matches on the edges and in the middle, then you need 2 truncations at 1/3 respectively 2/3 of the line, and so on.
Maybe it's safer and better how it is now....


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