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B3: issue with directory view and project wildcard

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Nay - no symlinks in paths to affected files and directories.


SlickEdit Support:
PM sent.

Thanks - trying it now. Is logging enabled by default? Where do the logs get written?


You'll need to enable the logs, using Macro > Set Macro Variable..., and variable def_workspace_cache_enable_logging, set value to 1 (or non-zero).  The log file is written to your config directory /logs/wcache.log.  Let me know if you see any continued issues, I have made some adjustments to the code but need to be sure.   

I am also seeing something similar with B4 on Windows.

I use git as source control so files are changing regularly as I change branches.
After changing the branch, occasionally but not always, some of the files will disappear from the view.
If I click "refresh" on the project, the files reappear.

All files are local, on an NTFS disk, if it matters.

Any other information that would be useful? Is this different enough from the issue in this thread I should start another one?


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