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Tab colors based on path...
« on: September 18, 2019, 12:11:53 am »
I often have to deal with two similar directory trees.

A frequent case, I might have 2 copies of the same repo.

#1: Color the doc tab based on the path:
       Duplicate filenames
              If two or more buffers are loaded with the same filename "".
              Sort them by path. The first get the default tab color, and each of the others
              gets a different color.

       Different paths
              When there is more than 1 document tab with buffers of assorted paths
              The active tab defines the primary color path
              All tabs with buffers in the same path share this color.
              All other tabs get a different color
              Ideally, the amount of color difference would be related to how different the paths are :-)

#2: if the current buffer is C:\src\my_project_1\src\,
Somehow Slick should be able to find the "twin" file in "C:\src\my_project_2\src\"