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B4 error on first run

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SlickEdit Pro
Restore: Access denied

Bug#1: Access denied on which file?
I had to resort to using PROCMON.exe to figure this out.

This is just as bad as the occasional "File Not Found" box that doesn't identify the file.
Turns out, it wasn't a Slick configuration file that I initially thought it must be

Bug#2: Slick finished opening, but didn't restore the editor windows -- toolbars and such are OK, but no editor windows opened.

Also, it seems to stop restoring the rest of the files that should have been restored.

Bug #3: The dialog is unclear.
I thought Slick had a problem with some slick config file - especially since this was the first run of B4.
Turns out, it just couldn't access a file that had been open last time I ran slick.

Any idea how I can reproduce this specific error?

Auto-restore seems to handle file not found well. It just continues without prompting.

Another common problem is a network directory which is no longer accessible. This will cause a long delay (like 30 seconds on Windows). auto-restore just stops after displaying a message box. This could be improved. We need to avoid lots of long delays.

The file in question was

In Slick, open that file plus a bunch of other files.
Close slick.

Open "myVS2017Project.sln" in VisualStudio2017.
Start debugging.
devenv will now be holding a lock on that file.

Start Slickedit.
It fails during restore.

Thanks. I should be able to reproduce that even without Visual Studio.

Fixed for next build. SlickEdit will just continue auto-restore when there is a failure restoring a file.


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