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Auto-list members in python f string feature request

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In Python 3.6, "f-strings" were introduced. Would be nice to be able to auto-list members inside an f-string. I believe SE turns off auto-list if you are in a string literal, quotes, but in f-strings if inside a {} it should be possible to auto-list members.


--- Code: ---print(f"Value of {self.member}")
--- End code ---

When pressing the dot after self in current v24 beta 4, it does not auto-list.

I'll take a look at it.  I fooled around with the code enough to get it mostly there, so I don't think it's going to be a problem.

Thanks Patrick!

I noticed that the config I used when initially testing this I had some color coding changes from some other tests that aren't in a clean config, and effects how this works.

 For you, when you define f-strings, do the parts inside the braces color code as an expression, or does it color code as a string?  On my clean config, it color codes as an expression, and I can get completions on '.', Ctrl-Space, Alt-., etc...  For my modified config, it color codes everything uniformly as a string, and completions don't work.

In my config it color codes as a string not as an expression.


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