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File history error



I have a project open in C:\bin\joe
The vtg file is C:\bin\joe\gitdiff.vtg.

I was looking at Slick logs for some other issue, and tried to create a new file in the same place, and I get this error.
I get several errors everytime I try to save it at well.
It does seem to actually save the file though.

SlickEdit Pro
Unable to save C:\Users\jporkka\Documents\Slickedit\24.0.0\logs\stacks.txt
A delta cannot be created because 'gitdiff.vtg' is in a directory which is excluded from backup history

Yes, we explicitly exclude the SlickEdit logs directory from backups, because the logs might be big, and generally it's only the team here that is using them.

But this should have nothing to do with where the *vtg file is, should it?


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