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B4: Setting error markers and next error taking very long time

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Look for errormarkerslongtime.tar.gz on support.

I have a build log in there and my user.cfg.xml.

When I do a build of "cat build_last.log", it is taking a very very long time to set error markers. Also next-error is taking a long time.

I'm on Linux x64, CentOS 7.2

I exited and restarted SlickEdit and now it doesn't take so long anymore.

I was adding to the error parsing exclusions and rebuilding (cat build_last.log) to check that the excluding was working.

I think the last thing I did before the long time was editing the "No parallel" exclusion. It was previously named something like "" and it used to be: "\:?+\: No Parallel" and then I removed the "Recurse" at the start of the string and renamed it to "No Parallel". I think that is when the error parsing started to slow down, but not 100% sure.

Just started happening again after I added a new error exclusion and did another "build":

I added to exclusions:

Name: entering_dir
Expression: \.mk\::d+\:?+\: Entering directory
Test case: /gitworkspace/rbresali/cmagentvalg/lc/build/rules/ make[4]: Entering directory `/gitworkspace/rbresali-cmagentvalg_190927.110559/lc

I validated the test case, then when I try a rebuild it takes a long time to set error markers.

But if I close and restart SE, it doesn't take so long anymore.

Also before restarting, after taking a long time to set the markers my exclusion was not working and it found the error. But after restart it skipped the error and properly excluded.

I'm seeing slow performance before and after adding the 35th exclude regex. That's a lot of excludes.

I think you may have just reached a performance limitation.

Before adding new error regex: ~30 seconds

After adding new error regex: ~34 seconds

After restarting: ~35 seconds

Now I'm getting slower times (like 40 seconds) without the 35 regex exclusion after a restart. This VM is on a network so there could be more traffic now. 

When I restart it is very quick, I don't even notice the time so it may be 1 second or so.


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