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I've got a VS2017 solution open, it has a couple of C# projects.

When I create a new file ("barfy") with "Add to project" checked, Slick created "MyProject.bak" next to "MyProject.csproj"

It adds
<None Include="barfy" />

It also adds a bunch of blank lines.

#1: It should not create a *.BAK file.
I have file history configured to "Backup history on Save".
When I look at File->History for the CSProj file, it seems to be there as expected.

#2: It should not keep adding a bunch of blank lines into the CSProj file.

Can you post a sample solution and csproj file (not a real one). I'm having trouble reproducing this. I suspect I need a csproj file which looks more like yours.

The bak thing is intentional. Just in case SlickEdit messes up your file. Since this isn't a save operation, I don't think we can support backup history. We could add an option to turn this off though.

I found one problem (macro is trying to sort the nodes-- can't do that here). I'd still like a small sample solution and project so I make sure I've fixed what you're seeing.

To remove the sorting, comment out line 2364 of makefile.e. This should fix the blank line problem.


The change you suggested fixes the problem with blank lines!

Better repro (just FYI)
Try this project: RestSharp.sln

Then make "RestSharp.csproj" the active project.
Create 3 new files with AddToProject.
I get 6 new blank lines added.


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