Author Topic: eWDK + Visual Studio vs eWDK vs SlickEdit  (Read 434 times)


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eWDK + Visual Studio vs eWDK vs SlickEdit
« on: November 18, 2019, 06:00:50 am »
I have been using slick edit for 18 years and I develop Windows Drivers. However the tagging experience for drivers is pretty difficult. And I have accepted it as the cost of sticking with SlickEdit. 🙂

In contrast - From the eWDK environment you open Visual Studio , driver development works like a charm. Syntax highlighting, symbol tagging etc is all perfect. It basically figures out what header file paths etc are part of my vcxproj file.

I opened the .sln file in slick edit 2018 pro, but it doesn't automatically resolve tagging for the WDK structs and functions.

1. Is it supposed to work seemlessly?
2. If yes what setup so I need to do? Yes I know I can create a manual tag file for WDK headers. That causes too much duplication as the same function/struct is part of 10s of version controlled folders.